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A full-service digital agency specializing in web design, development and marketing. We help companies in the environmental sustainable industry focus on their passion and maximize their impact.

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Results that make an impact

Build trust and authority in your space

Building an online presence is important because your content (home page, services, and off-site articles and blog posts)  gives you credibility in your field and builds trust with your audience. 

They see you as an expert, and can therefore, trust in what you say. We can show you how you can run your business remotely and have more time for other endeavours.

Focus on your passion and maximize your impact

When you have a web address, your shop is open for business 24/7. We’ll show you how you can automate your sales processes with software that acts as your personal salesman, turning visitors into buyers and allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business.

Attract your ideal audience and grow your business.

Building an online presence and establishing credibility not only helps you attract your target audience, but it can help you establish a foundation and grow your business from the ground up. 

When you have trust and credibility, you don’t have to work that hard to convince visitors to buy your products. Your customer reviews and testimonials will do the work for you and your products will sell themselves more efficiently. 


Get to know us

At Seven Oceans Agency, we love to build things for clients who are making waves and changing the world.

We’re a Vancouver-based web agency specializing in full-service web design and development. From e-commerce to specialized services, each project starts with our team partnering closely with you to serve your unique business needs. We’re proud of our diverse portfolio which includes companies from all over the world ranging from electric vehicles to hydroponics.

Since 2015, our team has developed personalized solutions and continues to give clients the power to choose what is the best for their business so they can focus on maximizing their impact. Like many of our clients, the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Prosperity is one of our core tenets and has led to incorporating eco-friendly web design whenever possible.


How we’ve helped our clients

Greg crushes it!!

Been working with Greg for almost 5 years now. He does amazing work on the websites of several dozen clients that I manage. He’s consistently able to come up with solutions that make my clients’ sites run flawlessly and even save my clients money through increased automation to their systems.

Jesse Freda

SEO Agency Owner

My experience was great!

My experience was great! I received amazing customer service, a well designed website for our company. I really like having a dependable professional to deliver all our needs.

Jack Markiewicz

Contractors Centre

The errors are gone

We had critical errors on our website and Seven Oceans meticulously assessed the root cause of the problem…

Greg’s solid understanding in coding allows him to quickly and effortlessly navigate to find issues that could potentially be bad for your website…

I highly recommend Seven Oceans to any business owner requiring Website development work in Vancouver!

Emil Jasinksi



Our offerings


UX & UI Design

For the past eight years, web applications and user experience have been at the core of our business. User interface, interaction, visual design, you name it — all of our UX and UI designers understand well the technologies that power the user experiences they design.


Sites & Web Applications

Web development isn’t just our craft. It’s our favorite pastime, current hobby and future passion. We specialize mainly in database-driven web applications and rich graphical user interface sites using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Scala and React. Working with these open source technologies helps us maximize the ROI for our clients.



E-commerce development includes everything from OpenCart development, user interface, backend (Admin Panel), payment processing and security. It’s easier to manage content on the website and integrate payment gateways to process transactions securely. In addition to custom e-commerce development, we are Shopify experts. That means we can help you to manage your digital retail presence and deliver results.



Many clients ask for a website, not realizing that the site alone with not generate traffic. It’s search engine optimization (SEO) that makes a site visible to the world. At Prodct, we understand that site development and SEO go hand-in-hand just like a car that needs gas to run. Whether your site needs to be found in Coquitlam, Vancouver or elsewhere, our SEO and website design experts can position your site accordingly.



This CMS is the go-to for building dynamic sites. In fact, it powers an impressive 24% of the internet. This straightforward, easy-to-use platform simplifies site management for small business owners and enterprise businesses alike.



Like a storefront, your website helps people to find you and is often responsible for their first impression of your business. Without proper features, though, it could actually fail to attract visitors, generate interest and make sales. We’ll use our more than 10 years of combined experience to make sure that your website is doing its job.

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