Advanced Nutrients

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Advanced Nutrients


This well-established hydroponic nutrients supplier was still taking orders with paper when we began working with them. They desperately needed to upgrade to a more modern way of doing business. We jumped in and used our Shopify expertise to build a well-oiled e-commerce platform from zero web presence.

Objectives & requirements

  • Take the list of products and transfer them over to the site’s database
  • Create a highly usable, searchable and browseable product catalogue
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by Shopify for cart functionality
  • Customize a premium shopify template to meet the Advanced Nutrient’s brand
  • Add any custom features to the CMS admin that are not included in the template

The solution

Advanced Nutrients had a strong brand, and a multitude of products to highlight. We worked along side Advanced Nutrients to determine which products to place on their homepage. We went for bold typography and a minimal theme with green higlights to compliment their illustrative products. Going for a minimal look help

We jumped in with our Shopify expertise to develop a number of functionality pieces including a fullscreen navigation menu, integrated subscription list, and form integration with a third-party app. With the right look, content, and functionality in place, we ensured the new site would perform as planned across all browsers.

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