The founder

My story starts with a foundation in music and passion for the environment.

As both a musician and web designer, I have focused on designing custom online experiences that combine aesthetics with innovative functionality. I received my degree in Multimedia Design from LaSalle University and have deep experience in UX/UI, WordPress, and other web design tools. After graduating, I worked for HSBC and The Brane where I developed websites, content management systems and the user experience.


An agency is born

In 2015, I founded Seven Oceans Agency, a Vancouver-based full service web agency.

The name Seven Oceans Agency represents our clients who are making waves by creating new, sustainable solutions for environmental challenges. Our portfolio includes companies from all over the world ranging from electric vehicles to hydroponics.

Each project starts with partnering closely with the client to understand their unique business needs. We develop personalized solutions and give clients the power to choose what is the best for their business so they can focus on maximizing their impact in the world.

Whether it’s an ecommerce or portfolio site we’re building, the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Prosperity is one of our core tenets and has led to incorporating eco-friendly web design whenever possible.