Leanna Organics

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Leanna Organics


Leanna Organics is a CBD vendor based in Colorado that was looking to expand their online presence. We worked alongside a digital marketer to look at how we can raise Leanna Organics SEO rankings as well as polish up their site.

Objectives & requirements

  • Redesign and develop a new layout for the product page
  • Implement tax solution for all regions (cities, counties, states) of the U.S.
  • Customize WordPress CMS that will give the client more control of content updates for their brand and marketing
  • Clean up any code that may lower onsite SEO rank

The solution

Considering how complex the tax system is across the United States we researched as to what platforms were best suited for Leanna Organics’ needs. We found a cost effective solution Avalara Tax that was easy to integrate giving the client a peace of mind.

When the WordPress site was handed over to us we noticed it wasn’t setup properly, had many unused themes and plugins installed, and had code that could hurt the site’s SEO rankings. We took the next steps with creating a child theme, removing unused plugins and updating what was needed. We did a massive clean up making future updates seamless without breaking the site.

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